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 Job Details
 Job Title    Computer Operator II
 Location    NV - Fallon, NV
 Requisition Number    10718
 Job Function    Flight Operations
 Years of Experience     0-5
 Minimum Education     High School/GED
 Percentage of Travel    No Travel
 Job Responsibilities    This position is for an entry level Weapons Impact Scoring Set (WISS) Operator which requires basic computer operations knowledge and experience. The WISS Operator trainee will acquire the specific skills necessary to perform the requirements of the job through on-the-job training. Using the WISS, air-to-ground radios, printers, and fax machines, the WISS Operator will enter data, score bomb drops or strafe hits, relay scores to pilot, and fax results to the user. WISS Operator also monitors and records all ordnance flights regardless of scoring requirements. Operator will be responsible for filling out accurate and timely paperwork necessary for government tracking of asset utilization. Equipment malfunctions will be reported to the appropriate technicians as soon as practicable. Work hours flex considerably to meet operational requirements with rotating shifts covering times ranging from 0630 to midnight or later on any given day.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Opens and closes the WISS Operations work area on daily basis, including holidays and weekends when required.
• Turns all equipment on and off correctly and notes any anomalies.
• Calibrates and confirms all systems operational prior to mission
• Enters all mission data in WISS, including event number, scheduled time, unit name, pilot identification, type of ordnance, target or targets, specific aimpoint, run-in line, and other information as required.
• Provides day and night bomb scoring for multiple targets on NAS Fallon ranges.
• Provides scoring on strafe banners.
• Relays all scores via radio to aircraft as requested and faxes scores at conclusion of mission to the user.
• Keeps track of laser usage on the ranges.
• Records all ordnance expended and by whom for all events, whether or not scoring is required.
• Activates bull lights and laser evaluators as required.
• Addresses changes in mission venue promptly to avoid loss of scoring.
• Uses one or more WISS consoles to score multiple targets on the heavy usage range.
• Learns ordnance types, including bombs, bullets, missiles and other permitted ordnance and where said ordnance can be dropped.
• Learns the ranges and accompanying restrictions for each range.
• Learns about the various entities that use the NAS Fallon ranges including unit names, callsigns, and types of aircraft for each.
• Interacts with other NAS Fallon personnel in the course of the job.

**Security Clearance Required
Experience/Education Required Experience/Education Required
A high school diploma is required with previous WISS experience a plus. Must be able to able to read, write, and speak English clearly.

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
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